Sans Pom poms

I was recently at the Scottish Eduction Awards as a guest and it was indeed a lovely day with lots of happy memories of being there before. I had the chance to catch up with lots of friends from near and far, and one of them pipes up” Och it’s yersel – wee day out? Do you just go to awards ceremonies?”
Yep. Opening of a packet of crisps and I’ll be there.
Was tempted to tell her I’d been dealing with emails since 6am and was going straight back to do staff training. Then when the wee lady was in bed I would do a few hours again.
Because that’s just how it gets done.
My family have always celebrated the wee things. From the gallery of paintings in the kitchen we would bring home from nursery, to Christmas tree decorations, to the wee joys of school. Dad sat through dancing displays when I am sure he would have rather poked his eyes out with a fork. Mum would listen to constant music rehearsals and was always delighted. ( demented more likely)
The wee things being celebrated and acknowledged are HUGE.
This time of year it is the school shows, the award ceremonies and all the wee things that are so very important to the wee people.
So I have been to various shows and ceremonies as I have been asked to. Getting home late is the norm for a few weeks. It is important because it is my way of showing that I value all the work that my friends do. And all the work the wee people do.
I have laughed, cried and been genuinely blown away by the dedication of the amazing teachers I have the privilege of working with every day.
To support people is the least I can do when they are as amazing to me. I may not have the Pom poms but giving time is still the best form of cheerleading as far as I am concerned.


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