Chase yersel….

I posted back in May about an in service I was asked to speak at on leadership. (leadership in the time of cholera) It was perhaps a bit of an alternative context for me but I was pleased with how it had gone. I really had not given it another thought to be honest when a friend had told me that she had been speaking to someone who was there.
They wanted to know if I really had done the things I had said.
Teach weans?
No, that was not me at all.
Looked after staff?
No, definitely not.
Said no to senior management when I believed I was right about curriculum pathways?
No. Didn’t do that either.
Chase yersel.
I’m not serious about many things, ( daughter, shoes and piano playing aside) but my work is one of them.
Clearly a new context is something that frightens others. Gies a break. Good teaching and learning has always been the same no matter how you dress it up. No matter what label you put on it.
I’ve always believed in giving everything I can to what I do and I make no apologies for that. ( Although I have been told sometime I need saved from myself!- sleep?… Aye, that’s over rated too) but honestly, do I look like some chanty wrastler making it up? You couldn’t make it up. Similarly you couldn’t get that quality of teachers to work with very often.
As a wise woman once said to me: learn your craft,take your time and be gentle with the people and children you are privileged to be with.


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