New term…….new shoes….

When I started this blog, it was as a professional challenge to myself with the three themes of shoes,my daughter and my teaching.
How far I have come in those years still astounds me. So I think it is a good chance to take stock and start again as there will be much more methodology going on and it will be good to get back to looking at that.
My love affair with shoes continues. Few new pairs over the summer…..I’m aware my parents might see this, so I am not saying how many pairs. My boss might also think my wages need looked at if that is what I am spending them on.
However, something that has not changed is my pride and joy my little lady.
Hard to believe she is going into primary 5. I genuinely have no idea where the time has gone. I had another summer of falling in love with her all over again. I know every parent is biased,but she quite simply lights up my life and I find myself making most of my education decisions based on whether it would it benefit her. Her sense of humour is as dry as mine and we have laughed to the point of tena ladies this summer. From travelling in Spain to visits to friends, walks on the beach, getting soaked in the rain to entertaining the ladies of the family at a party.
She is at the stage where she has activities and clubs on and has quite the social life. Part of me is still struggling with how independent she is untill I’m gently reminded that the Apple does not fall far from the tree.
So new session, points cleared to start again.
Even after all this time, I’m still excited for the new term.


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