Where is the love?

I attended an in service a few years ago and it was singlehandedly the best reflective morning I had ever had. At the core of what he presenter was saying was if you have forgotten why you are in the teaching profession go back to where you found the love in it.
I have taken a break over the summer to reassess where I am in my education journey and to make a decision about where I am going.
I went back to the people who had created that love of education for me,spent a lot of time talking and listening and soaking up their enthusiasm,commitment and love for education.
First there was G. He was my line manager when I first arrived in Glasgow and we’ve had a great relationship both as colleagues and friends since then. We are both at totally different ends of the scale when it comes to our approaches but complimented each other very well when we worked together. His organisation had me shamefaced what with my more hands off attitude to paperwork. However, his guidance in forming pupil relationships and the advice in how to work with other colleagues was second to none. I’ll never forget the time I was really struggling to get something positive in a report card about a particular student who was very challenging and it still makes me laugh to this day. I was reminded that parents still want to have something positive to read even if they know just how much of a loveable torag their child is. Saying they have nice teeth won’t cut it. We had the chance to reminisce and crease ourselves with laughter about escapades, nights out, friendship and how my job is still to make the tea after 17 years. Somethings don’t change.
Then there was JGJ. I’ve written about him before – my soul mate from teacher training college. It was time for one of our quarterly catch ups and we spent a lot of time saying ” maybe it’s just me…..but…..” We talked about how work life balance is so important to us what with having wee people and how the expectations upon us can be hard to reconcile. His wife is now in a promoted post and we talked about working smart so that time at home was with the wee people, as they needed us more. Can you be a parent,promoted and have it all? It’s bloody hard. There may have been an afternoon apéro and sunshine involved and it was indeed another way of getting back to where the love was.
Getting back to the love was always going to involve the ladies with whom I was blessed to make magic with in my department when I was PT. 3 of us met….both of them now promoted and I couldn’t help but be filled with pride as these two wonderful mums sat there proving to everyone that you can indeed have it all. It’s bloody hard work but possible. We watched our wee ladies scoot about enjoying the freedom and we laughed, talked about the challenges we had and how we got over things like difficult staff, lack of sleep, deadlines and my ridiculous flouting of the rules. At the core of everything was the difference we had made to children. We all had particular children that we remembered for one reason or another and the anima we shared as talked about them was really quite something. Professionally, I was never more satisfied than when I was working with these ladies…..it was probably when I was physically at my worst and yet with the energy from a good team you can pretty much do anything. As a leader you are indeed only as good as your rock stars you are surrounded with. I had a supergroup.
However,if I strip it back to where the love is and what helped to make my decision to stay in teacher education rather than back to class full-time was a certain little lady who is now a most valued colleague. I had the joy of teaching this lady for 4 years and it was her class that cemented for me my love of being in education.i have watched her grow, travel and develop into the PT she is now. To see her be a role model for the next generation of children is nothing short of fairytale ending for me.
Starting the new session with renewed energy, ideas and a chance to work in the world of education is an enormous privilege


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