Yer results are in……

During the last academic session I had a class of primary teachers that I was preparing for Higher Spanish. I decided to do this for 2 reasons.
1. Purely selfish to make sure I could still do it.
2. Professional development for teachers.
We’ve all been there… go to training or someone comes to look at your work and you are thinking aye, very good. When did you last bother your derrière in class? Credibility??
It was a learning curve to say the least. Twilight once a week. Teachers are knackered and I was coming in after a whole day to….yet it was an absolute joy.
I had to teach in a completely different way, some of it was challenging and some of it was quite refreshing.I don’t mind admitting that I was absolutely petrified about the results. It never leaves you.
I was reflecting on it as I plan for this session and comparing my work plan to when I was in school with seniors was quite stark. Where I had the luxury of spending time on perhaps wider linguistic experiences and more fluid language I soon found out I had to be really selective and focus on the skills of language learning. I spent much more time on working with how to manipulate language and the promotion of skills. I still managed to sneak in some of my usual activities with music and translation but I still felt pushed. Granted they were incredibly motivated and I didn’t have to remind them that they needed to learn the grammar rules but it was a lot to go from zero to hero in about 6 months. They were all at totally different levels so differentiation was a hoot and a half.
When the HT of the school sent me a message saying “can you talk?” I don’t mind admitting my stomach was in my derrière.
Job done. Results were outstanding.
It was an absolute blast.


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