Everything in its right place….

I am constantly amazed at the wonderful things my PLN post about what they have been doing in their classes. The amount of tech, innovation and excellent teaching and learning is astonishing. A somewhat heady mix of pedagogy and resources. And I can see the fear on both students and newly qualified teachers.
We had a discussion about planning to meet the needs and how to keep in manageable so that you don’t lose every night and have a one day weekend as you are creating a show for every lesson.
Yes, every lesson should be good, in fact every lesson should be excellent but that doesn’t mean you throw 20 different ingredients in for entertainment value and hope the weans learn. Or throw enough Technology in to give the national grid a worry.
Oh aye,if you can tweet,Facebook and Instagram all of it as you go too? Yes, that would be great. After all who needs plans and records of work when you can just check social media?
Chase herself.
A recent session with my postgraduates was quite enlightening about this. They were given one resource -a pair of mermaidesque boots and asked to look at different talking and listening exercises. I was astounded with the results. No tech,but some of the most innovative ideas I have heard for a long time.
Then the million dollar question…..”would you feel comfortable planning like that?”
It wasn’t a trick question but more a temperature gauge to see where people were and confidence levels
Too many of us now preface our teaching styles with ” I know I am old-fashioned but…..” When there really is no need. I look at the teaching styles of my teachers, it worked then and it works now. Good teaching is good teaching. There are many things that have made it easier for us -love a clip rather than fast forwarding a video! Love a sound file than pressing pause on a tape and zeroing the counter.
Does that make me a traditionalist? Ooft, do I care?
Meeting the needs to the weans means the teachers need to teaching in an environment they are secure in.
Sharing pedagogy, ideas and resources has revolutionised the way we teach and learn and long may it continue.
As the great philosopher Thom Yorke once said, Everything In Its Right Place.


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