I still l miss you….

Do you not miss it? I don’t know how many times I have been asked that in the past few weeks.
I have been out of class full-time for about two and half years. Out of classes of weans. I still Teach but in a completely different setting. One of the things I have always worried about it is maintaining my credibility. A long time ago I sat in a meeting as CfE was discussed and I asked a senior leader what 2nd level literacy would look like in a primary and the answer I was given still horrifies me. ” I’m too far away from the class to know that”
As many times over the past few weeks I have wrestled with the idea of disappearing back to class.
You see, I miss teaching. I don’t miss the nonsense that surrounds it, but I miss the weans. I miss their stories, I miss their ideas and I miss how it made me feel.
Purely selfish I know.
However, my teaching environment has changed but no less meaningful. The jewel in the crown is when I get to teach for 4 hours with senior pupils. I can pretty much put up with any amount of stuff being flung in my direction as I get to indulge myself , I get to teach.
No hassles of school politics, no one going mad about a report Or analysis needing done. Just me, the weans and some magic making.
I suppose it all goes back to my mantra in the morning: cannae have inspired weans if you don’t have inspired teachers.


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