Ok, I admit it…..

I have had the privilege of being on interview panels and I use the word privilege in all sincerity. Recently something that was coming over a lot in discussions was that people had stopped using the word teacher and used the word facilitator of learning.
Going to be honest, I’m not really sure I like that.
It seems like a misuse of terminology the same way as people think that active learning is weans jumping about in a class shouting out answers.
I think I can understand the notion of facilitating activities but I still teach. I still directly impart knowledge and have discussions, pick apart ideas, talk about opinions, apply knowledge to problem solve.
I don’t think it is something to be ashamed of, as I don’t believe that weans are suddenly just going to get everything if I facilitate the reading of information. When did we get so coy about saying the word teacher?
It’s the best profession in the land ( well maybe except for cake taster or shoe critic) and we shouldn’t be ashamed to say that’s what we do. I teach.


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