The right pair of shoes……again….

We had the usual shoe chats before we went back to school and the little lady fell in love with a pair of boots. Very smart and she loved them. I looked at her in her school uniform and wondered where the time had gone again. It seems that the start of school comes round quicker every year.
Wishing a few weeks the boots were gubbed. No other way of putting it. An attempt to repair them was out of the question so it was a dilemma of a Thursday evening……could she do one more day in them and we would go on Saturday and get a new pair?
Eh no.
Apparently being 8 years old is very stressful and she didn’t want to wear her trainers. No. Not even for a day.
When did that pressure happen?
I was then given a run down of her school day, what it involved ( line leader partner, water bottle filling, reading partners, -very important things I was told) and how going in with scabby boots was not going to cut it.
I get it.
So late night shopping it was.
The young chap that served us was just lovely butts it was maths week he was clearly out to try and bamboozle me “well if you go up a size but down a width” I don’t speak maths. I do speak shoes but I just like the short cut of try them on,get the right size.
We looked at various pairs, sizes and styles. My little lady was very clear about what she wanted and what she didn’t and 20 minutes later I was a significant amount of money in a five week month lighter and she had a big smile on her face as she didn’t make have to worry about anyone saying yer boots are a state.
Looking at my own shoes….well there are those lovely ones that come out only a few times a year winking at me, the too many pairs of sparkly trainers, the sandals I have travelled round the world with, the winter boots, the work shoes, the ones I think I’ll wear but can’t bear to throw out and the sandals I bought in a market in Dali in China about 13 years ago. I was travelling with one of my best for ends during the spring festival and he was laughed and said they wouldn’t last. Every year I take a photo and send it to him saying “still here”
However, there is no shame in eventually admitting that they are completely unsuitable, taking up room and need a new home……
Maybe next year.
I am delighted to report all is well with the wee lady and her 8 year old world with new shoes is intact


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