A wee bit noisy…..

A few weekends a go was a wonderful noisy weekend with much music and emotion. I’m always amazed at the power music has to move people just like a language can.
The weekend started off playing at a wedding, many of The pieces had real significance for the couple and were very sentimental to them. You can never gauge just how people will react with your interpretation of a special song or piece for them and as a musician you are genuinely hoping you can move them back to the place that made it significant to them.
I was playing with my usual band of reprobates and the sound we manage to get is something quite special indeed. I think because we are all very at ease playing with each other and that wee nod or a look to signal either a change or phrase is something quite unique to a band of musicians who are comfortable in their own musicianship. I have written about this before but I think some examples of the best team work you will ever see will be from a music group!
My baby cousin (well not so baby now) was signing and every time I have the privilege of playing for her I still cry. However, the reaction from the guests was quite something, there were tears of joy for the couple and a big show of emotion at the music. The jewel in the crown was the flash choir signing oh happy day. Laughter, tears and an encore. So many people stopped to talk to us after it to say how much they had enjoyed the music and how much it had moved them.
I played again twice for some friends the same weekend, both having very different reactions to the music. Both tears but for very different reasons. Probably some form of cathartic release but whatever it was, it seemed to do them the world of good.
The final playing of the weekend was quite a set up. I was asked to accompany a friend for a memorial service. We didn’t really know what to expect but it was indeed something quite special. Lots of reminiscing for people and we were almost like lounge musicians. Sitting in a corner gives you a great chance to observe and take it all in. We indulged in a few of our favourites and some alternative versions of some well-known pieces that should only be played at certain times and places but by totally rearranging them it was going to take someone in the know to pick it up. One person did. We got a wink and smile, job done.
No better team than one that communicates and makes beautiful noise.


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