Chase yersel

Letting it go.
What a year. Lots of changes and we are not done yet. Lots of time for clear outs both in the very real sense of black plastic bags and making room for more adventures.
I even cleared out my shoes. Yes I did.
Some sandals I had been holding on to because they were full of memories of happy travelling and nonsense. But in a freezing cold Scotland, of nae use to man nor beast.
A fabulous sparkly pair of heels to get arrested in. Loved them but the proverbial car to bar shoes and not for the Royal mile, but I did make a good go of it!
I also had a massive clear out of old bits of paper that were long overdue to go in the round file. A bit like that first break up as a teenager when you rip up the photos and keep everything except for the nice jewellery you were gifted.
Lots of half notes from colleagues as I was clearly bored out my head in a meeting where I ought to have been paying more attention.
I also cleared out the text messages. The ones that made me laugh, the ones that made cry and the ones I couldn’t bear to see anymore.
Granted there is always a few you want to hang on to just because they make no sense to anyone else but mean a lot.
The pins…..the downloaded quotes, the daft nonsense from your pal on Skype. All hogging up precious space that could be filled with new nonsense ….cache cleared. ( and stuff to move to an external drive as a I wasn’t quite ready to delete it entirely. Watch out hard drive you are next)
I had a cull in my social media too. That felt quite good but made me laugh. I was clearly following some absolute nonsense and it needed to go too.
Felt good for doing it.
I am much more aware of the nonsense I send, mostly daft pins and quotes for my friends that I think might need it. A bit like birthday cards….I keep mine up for nearly a month as I love my birthday. I keep really special cards and ones with the pictures I love. The others don’t get put in a drawer they go in the recycling to make something beautiful for someone else….so it’s sent on its way with love to bring happiness to someone else eventually down the line.
Well that’s what I think and it’s my way of rationalising.
In terms of letting it go, I am also learning to let the daft things go. The things I can’t fix.
And I find my self on the other side of the world as I decided it was time to let it go and keep a promise I made.
With my little lady and only two pairs of shoes.


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