The fog has lifted




It’s been a wee while! my last post was while we travelling in South America and we got so caught up in our adventures that I didn’t write.

I have not been writing as we’ve been a bit busy. Living a little more. It has been an eventful 10 months and hard to believe we are at the Summer holidays again.

Like every other educator in the land, I crawled to the end of the term. A really busy six months with lots of changes going on at national and local level. Am I as hopeful about education as I always have been? Of course. We cant change a system or help to improve it if we are not part of it and perhaps more importantly, if we are not prepared to make a difference.

We cant have inspired weans if we don’t have inspired teachers.

Similarly, I can’t have an inspired little lady if I am not inspired.  Lots to be inspired about again.

The shoes continue to be fabulous. Today, it’s time for a new pair of the wee lady.

What’s not to like? It’s still mammy, manolos and methodology. Looking forward to writing again….


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