Anti bullying week starts today and the wee lady and I headef off to school and work with our odd socks on. A friend asked why bother as it’s not like wearing socks makes a difference. Well actually it does.

It gets people talking and in the words of my very wise 9 year old…..different doesn’t mean wrong.

I suppose we can all say we have been bullied…whether it’s cat calling, shoved in the playground or at work. Like the aunt who always referred to me as the fat funny one in the family, or the colleague who tried for months to catch me out by saying “Right little Miss Interpreter, how do you say this?” Or when you are left out of conversations because “you wouldn’t know as you are a secondary teacher”

Being a teacher and now a mum gives me a lot of exposure to different types of bullying every day. We can talk about resilience all you like but when kids are talking about how they wish you were dead, no amount of turn the other cheek is going to make you feel better.

I look at my wee lady and her impressive sense of self and social justice never fails to inspire me.

We watched the film Wonder the other day and cried, and laughed, and cried again. She’s studying it in school and was telling me how her class were looking at relationships, how they treat people and how to cope when others upset you. Their project is #choosekind

I had an episode of fairly aggressive online bullying. I found myself with two choices: do I stay quiet and hope it stops or do I create a stooshie about it. Staying quiet would hopefully mean less stress for me but what message would that send to my daughter? That bullying in any form is acceptable?

A final threat from the bully to which I didnt retaliate seemed to stop it.

Different opinions on how to manage it: acknowledge it? Legal? Go tonto?

No, this time we fixed it.

My daughter and I talk a lot about social media and how we use it. We talk about how we interact with friends. We talk about how we need to be kind. I guess there is always a reason why a bully behaves the way they do. – but it should never go unchecked.

However in the words of a very wise 9 year old ##choosekind


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