Because we’re worth it.

I spend a fair bit of time travelling about to schools, usually on the corpy bus or train, or in the event of my horrendous timekeeping, a taxi.

Often I’ll read or sort emails or sometimes I enjoy the time to think. Sometimes I pretend I’m a dolphin trainer when a total random starts talking to me. Can’t beat the backseat philosophers.

However, over the past few weeks a lot of people have talked to me about teaching.

One taxi driver went off in a rant as the recent demo had made him late for a drop off. Who did teachers think they were? It’s not like they save lives is it? Actually we do I replied. To quote the legend that us Billy Connelly..” and his face was shut”

Another trip on the train talking about teaching and as we got off a passenger stopped to say” my son is a teacher, I think you are all worth it”.


Another bout of back seat philosophy was from a teacher on the corpy bus with a group of young people going to a sports event.

He was telling me about the commitment the wee people had and how they come in to school early every day to practise. How one of the wee girls had won her first medal and the impact it had on her. The teacher commented on how he loved to see the joy on their faces as they participated but also their dedication. He forgot about his own dedication. The early starts, the late finishes and the Saturday mornings. All the stuff that goes on outside if the classroom.This is the same teacher who had been writing the name of every child on a mug, filling it with treats and wrapping it up while watching the football on the TV.

I was reminded of another friend who told me the story of a wee one in his class who knocked over his guitar and the neck snapped. She was was inconsolable. He put it back together as he was determined to show her it was ok and that it could be fixed. That’s dedication. The patience in doing it and the dedication to that wee lady.

I’m tempted to track down that taxi driver and tell him those two wee stories. That’s examples of life saving.

Maybe we should all just do the hair flick and exclaim “because we’re worth it” The weans and the teachers.


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