Be prepared.

Well, nae murders. But it’s early days.

Got ready for the holiday……lots of differents ways of getting prepared for the holidays.

People clearly had the same idea as me with invoices coming in on the last few days. Emails flying in and last minute requests and the out of office going on.

Then the Christmas get together…

“How will we get the booze if you’ve put the tree in front of it?”

I prepared. Now, I’m not saying a have a cocktail cabinet, it’s more like a cairry oot cupboard. ( moved the bottles out before putting the tree up)

Dregs of bottles, weird bottles, things with funny names and they all have a story. Just like the annual party.

It’s the time of year when the extended family gets together and does their but to help a charity close to my heart. In return I give them quality chat and interesting drinks. Fair enough swap really.

One friend told me that their contribution to charity was the haul they brought to the party. So I prepared. Cleared the space to store it.

Party itself was a belter. Wee people in the bedroom, big people in the living room ’till the singing started and it was a mass choir. 35 jolly souls singing “Glasgow shark”

I prepared for that by singing scales. That may not be true.

The beauty of being an organist is that everyone loves you at Christmas. So many people saying they love to hear Christmas Carols, helps them prepare. I was able to play at various different services and loved every minute. Even had a rehearsal.

People all preparing for different things. Holiday mean different things to everyone.

I prepared for a rest and a bit of time hang out with the wee lady and to do hee haw.

No, I don’t feel guilty.

No, I have not checked my email.

And again, no, I have not thought about work.

I have eaten my own body weight in cheese. Winter is coming so thought I’d prepare.

Charge on to everyone who is getting on with work.

I’m preparing to go back.


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