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Yesterday was a tough day. I got up early to watch the referendum results coming in and my heart sank as no after no came in. It actually felt like a death in the family. Work was very flat so we sat chatting and eating malteasers. A power cut and phone lines down ensued we had to sit down and ‘it was lovely to discuss our hopes and dreams for Scotland and more importantly our daughters. Our own daughters and the daughters we work with every day.

The wee lady had been with my folks for a few days and was full of the joys of being spoiled ( in the best possible way) and lots of chat. We had a good chat about the vote and how it was important to do it. she may only be 5 but having been involved in various things from anti- trident marches, helping prepare things for soup kitchen, fundraising…..this wee lady has a tremendous sense of social justice already and I am not planning on letting down her or any of the other daughters ( and sons) I work with.

I am one of the 45% who voted yes because I want to see a positive change for her. A lot of my friends are hurt and sore that we missed the biggest opportunity to bring about social change. However, it has galvanised me into really getting something done for my daughter. For her future. Scenes in Glasgow last night were shameful, they are a minority, but a loud, ugly and violent minority. A change needs to happen.

Mammy points – 10 ( selfishly)
Manolos – pretty high, pink converse usually score well 8
Methodology – 8


The boys are back in town…..




Oh my. Thursday. Probably one of the most important days in Scottish History and a real sense of expectation and excitement about what tomorrow could bring for a wee nation.

A busy day in school for INSET – meetings all morning, sorting out wee things and some bigger things. There was lots of chat about the referendum and it was really interesting to hear the people who had changed their vote last minute.  we had some time to get together as a school community and switch off the phones and the tech. Well some of us did…..

Came home and went out with OH to vote by proxy for a friend and caught up for dinner with some of my friends and all we could talk about was the referendum and how excited we were.


I did a wee stint on an educational pod cast that I have been doing since December and I have to say it has really changed my opinion of CPD. I am lucky that the two chaps I do it with are a pair of smashers and i find myself frequently challenged by their chat, ideas and thoughts. It’s not always a comfortable experience as  I find myself out my comfort zone frequently. Not always a bad thing. A Thursday night spent on skype with the boys. What more could a girl ask for?

Points system cancelled due to referendum excitement.

These are my mountains…..



Hump day and not a pizza in sight!
Wee lady on much better form and managed her homework at 630am this morning. OH and I were getting worried that she hadn’t done it last night and caught ourselves laughing…..we religiously sit with her to do to do it every night and maybe we could justify the one night she didn’t so it as she was poorly.
Anyhoos, homework done and bunches done in her hair and off I went to work.
One of my students was in early for a blether. Coffee and a chat was the order of the day as we discussed where he goes post school. Despite our best efforts, we still have that idea that students who are academically bright will go to uni even if they don’t want to. I watched with delight as he spoke about the subjects he loved and what he enjoys. He might be looking at a different path than the one he is being shoe horned into…..and I absolutely love him for that. There is always that special group of students you work with that you can’t help feeling immensely proud of and that you would move heaven and earth to help them climb every rung to the stars. That’s my seniors.
We have students who come to us from other schools for classes and it’s always quite funny to see their reaction to our approach. If I could take my ladies, their energy, enthusiasm and commitment and sell it, I could buy more manolos.
It was a full on day but lots of wee jobs achieved and some big ones too.
Meeting at the end of the day rounded things off very nicely (3 brownies as I had not eaten but they were tiny so didn’t count)
With lots of professional dialogue about leadership, assessment, eejits in the workplace and little ladies.
So am en route to the padres- such are the joys of logistics of INSET days…..wee lady goes in a pure huff on the RARE occasion she stays there without me. However, it’s win win as I get my dinner made and get to chill out with the folks doon the water, and will be leaving their house at the same time tomorrow as I would when I am in the city…….oh to be back on the beach.
I don’t think I can not mention what a momentous day it’s going to be in Scotland tomorrow and I really hope that our wee nation takes this most wonderful opportunity to stand up and show that we are a proud nation who could do wonderful things given the chance. My answer would always be why not? Ok, so it’s that to everything to be fair.
I’m excited and frightened at the same time. I cast my vote a few weeks ago and now find myself in the strange position of voting by proxy for a friend who is not voting the same way as me. Oh the fun I could have, but ultimately I am so chuffed she is taking the time to get her vote registered. For so long people didn’t vote, or couldn’t be bothered and I ‘ll vote for her, even though I might burn in the process.
I’m voting yes, not for me but for my daughter and all the wee ladies.
I’m voting for the teachers, that we continue to work and create a better society for every young person in the Scottish Education system.
I’m voting for the mammys.
And if I could vote for shoes, well I would.

Mammy points 10/10 most def ( ok so it’s political)
Methodology points 9/10 ( the advanced higher Spanish class was a hoot)
Manolo points 8/10 I’m reliably informed the wee pink flowery ballet pumps are an 8. And that was from a man……,