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When you say nothing at all….

It’s a great quote really. Learning when to say nothing when actually you want to scream. Or say I told you so. Or ask someone if they have finished. Or a favourite retort-do you feel better now you have said that?
Learning to park it and come back when you have calmed down has been a life saver for me recently.
I have been rendered speechless twice in the past 7 days. One was a situation of “did you actually just do that to me again?” And the other was when I was so horrifically ungracious at accepting a gift. Totally ambushed and I was mortified, bowled over and grateful for the unexpected love.
To that room of 40 people, you managed it -you shut me up. And it made up for the first time in the week I was rendered speechless.




Aye, you are welcome.

Perhaps it is just the way I was brought up, but thank you is a big word for me. We often laugh at how many ways we say thank you and how often we do so, but it is not like anyone is counting. However, it is something we notice as soon as it is missing. Despite all my years of studying Spanish, as soon as I tried to buy the newspaper in the local shop where I lived, they were howling. I’m giving it my best buenos días quisiera comprar el país por favor, gracias when all I needed was a nod, hand the cash over and a quick venga, hasta luego.
Different cultural norms but still an acknowledgement and a thank you.
I suspect I picked it up at school or perhaps at home,but when the thank you was missing, then I immediately add “you are welcome” ( optional insert of ya so and so.)

I have found myself over using “you’re welcome” in the past few weeks and have tried to justify it when really there is no excuse.

You are too busy to offer support to a student teacher? You are welcome.
You need a professional fire put out and a tricky situation sorted? You are welcome.
You need to rant,not for action, just to be heard. You are welcome.
You asked for a plan. You are welcome.
You feel so much better after writing a snippy email. You are welcome too.

Honestly. Wee things matter.

Thank you, you are indeed very welcome.